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Can I keep it real? I didn’t understand the craze behind 106 & Park’s Terrance J. I thought maybe I was out of the demo and he just wasn’t for me. That is until he appeared in the movie “Think Like a Man.” It was as if the blinders came off my eyes and I saw him as an ambitious, talented actor, not some aggravating talking head on a video show.

In a move only a responsible man would make, Terrance is teaming up with Crown Royal to hand out free pre-paid cards to legal drinking-age consumers at upcoming “The Crown Life” events.

“What we want to do is make sure that people have a great time at the party and also on the way home,” says J. “We want to make sure we get you to your destination safely. That’s why we started the Safe Rides program. We take it for granted, but at the end of the night, those cards will save lives. When you see me and you see Crown, we’re gonna have ‘em.”

In between all that responsible party hopping this summer, J plans to visit New Orleans for the upcoming ESSENCE Music Festival, where he will join Single Ladies stars Terrell Tillford and DB Woodside, and NFLer Devin Thomas on a panel discussing what men want. So, we asked, what does make a man fall in love?

“I always just say it’s those intangible things,” says J. “Whenever you say the cliché things… things like, I’m looking for someone who’s intelligent or beautiful. There are always people who are intelligent and there are always people who are beautiful. It really comes down to those intangible things. I fall in love with mismatched socks, or leaving hair in the sink. It’s really the intangible things that make you you.”

As for meeting Mr. Right at a summer music festival, he had this advice for the ladies:

“Dress is very important. Dress respectably if you want men to respect you. If you dress like a hoochie mama, you’re going to attract the dudes looking for hoochie mamas. Just make sure you dress the way you want to be perceived.”

This could mean making the first move, ladies. When it comes to stepping to him over the weekend, J says go for it.

“You only live once,” he insists.