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Chris Brown Appears in Court, Tests Dirty for Marijuana

R&B singer Chris Brown had to answer to a judge in Virginia after testing positive for marijuana in his system.

During a probation progress report appearance in a Virginia court room for the domestic violence incident that happened three years ago with then girlfriend Rihanna, Brown admitted he had smoked weed while at his California home.  Apparently, CB has a medical marijuana card in California. However, in Virginia, where he served his community service, marijuana is still illegal.

Judge Patricia Schnegg cut Brown some major slack because she never made drug testing a mandatory part of his probation. She told him he needs to obey all laws from here on out in order to stay out of jail. Schnegg also had the case moved back to California since that’s where he lives now.

Breezy was given three days to meet with his probation officer to work out a discrepancy with his community service hours. the courts say he still needs to work off 121 more hours, but Breezy and his lawyer say that he has less hours than that.

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