Fat Toes Be Gone! Toebesity Surgery Taking Off!
Fat Toes Be Gone! Toebesity Surgery Taking Off!

The pic above is of my feet being pampered at Poochie’s Paws, an African American owned and operated nail salon in Atlanta. I thought my toes looked pretty good, but there is a plastic surgeon that specializes in “toebesity” surgery who may disagree!

You may be asking, what in the heck is “toebesity”, it is a cosmetic surgery that is actually on the rise to rid feet of fat toes.

Apparently, misshapen or odd-looking toes is a greater source of embarrassment than I had known. Many folks shamed by their feet are headed to podiatrists for toe re-shaping surgery.

New York-based Dr. Oliver Zong, who specializes in slimming down people’s feet, told Good Morning America that a growing number of people are beginning to obsess over smaller details of their feet, like the width of their toes.

He said: ‘When people first started asking, I said ‘What?'” We were mostly doing toe shortenings in the beginning.’

A 37-year-old patient of Dr. Zong’s, who only spoke using his initials, E.R., said he hid his fat right big toe for years, and decided to have surgery to shave off some fat and bone.

Is this extreme or do you suffer from anxiety from the way your toes look?

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