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Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 8 Sneak Peek, Stevie Wants Joseline to Go To Counseling w/ Mimi, Scrappy & Rasheeda Talk Erica

The drama continues on the next episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL! Stevie J and Mimi have a family outing with their daughter and talk about the therapy session from last episode. Stevie J suggests that they bring Joseline into the session with them…huh? Mimi says she’ll think about it, which we all know means she’s going to do it. Karlie Redd and Joseline meet to talk about their musical collaborations. Joseline continues with her double mindedness, first she acts like she doesn’t like Karlie and won’t work with her, then 5 seconds later she’s dishing dirt like only good girlfriends do about Karlie’s relationship with Benzino. Rasheeda goes to the studio to guest on a song with Lil Scrappy who is in the studio with his side piece Shay “Bucky” Johnson who is dancing aroung the studio in a very suggestive manner. After Bucky leaves, Rasheeda questions Scrappy on what he is doing with Erica. She also tells him how hurt Erica is by the breakup, he seemed interested in the fact that Erica actually cried. Check out all the mess and debauchery below in the sneak peek:

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