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Music Industry Mourns the Loss of Exec Chris Lighty, Dead at 44 After Suicide In the Bronx

You just never know the depth of pain that a person carries with them.  You never can tell what desperation, sorrow or complete hopelessness may be engulfing someone in your life, someone you talk to everyday. We all have our masks, the one’s we put on at work, or for our friends and family.  I can admit there have been times, I have been on the phone with close friends and literally was crying, but they didn’t know it because I had become so adept at hiding my own pain.

The music industry is mourning the death of music executive and founder of Violator Management, Chris Lighty , reportedly by suicide outside of his Bronx, NY apartment after an argument with his estranged wife.  His contribution to hip hop is solid, his client roster reads like a hot concert (50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Diggy Simmons, LL Cool J & more) but was he carrying around a pain so deep that he needed to end his life.  At this point, we can all just speculate what really happened.  What I am sure of, there are probably people in your life that are living in silent despair and could be dealing with thoughts of suicide.  We must do a better job in our community of addressing issues, including mental health issues, and getting help for them.

Take the time to be there for a friend or family member that you may suspect is in need.

Check out the last blog post on Chris Lighty’s blog called “The Music Business Isn’t For Everyone”

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