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Rihanna Gives Chris Brown A Kiss After VMA’s, Pics Inside

You can always count on twists and turns during the VMAs, and this year’s show was no different. Apart from Amber Rose announcing her pregnancy and Lil Wayne oddly keeping his headphones on throughout an entire acceptance speech, Rihanna had a special off-screen kiss.

In a moment which will surely have the internet buzzing, Rihanna walked across the stage to Chris Brown and gave him a big kiss. The smooch wasn’t on TV, but someone caught it and posted it on Instagram. Does this mean they are getting back together, or do you think the kiss was nothing but a friendly gesture?

Given Rihanna’s recent emotional outpouring to Oprah about her lingering love for Chris Brown, a reunion of the former star couple may be looming.

First, a hug!

Then the kiss!

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