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Video Trailer: Mary Mary Returns to WeTV with Shocking 3rd Season

One of my favorite groups of any genre is Mary Mary. I find their music inspirational, their styling fresh, yet godly and their message important. When the group signed on with WeTV to present their own reality show I was ecstatic! I relished each episode and felt more connected to them as women as we met their families and learned about their personal lives. I prayed that their families would not become victim to the reality show curse. You know the curse, so many couples on other reality shows seem to face problems and ultimately break up once the reality show cameras begin to roll. To my dismay, Ebony magazine revealed that my favorite Mary- Tina’s husband had been unfaithful to her while she was out on the road singing the gospel of Jesus Christ. My heart broke! I found myself crying as I read the details of the affair, my heart went out to her as if she were my own sister. I had witnessed her trying her best to keep things together for everyone whilst navigating a career schedule that was hectic to say the least.

Season 3 of the Marys reality show is sure to be crazy as Tina faces the fall-out of the infidelity and Erica navigates her solo career. Check out the trailer below for a sample of what is to come this season. Praying for my Marys!
Mary Mary Season 3 returns February 27 9pm ET.

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