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Violence Erupts During Love & Hip Hop Reunion! ‘Consequences’ to His Actions

It’s not a secret, that is if you follow me on Twitter (@shaymooreonair), that I do not like the rapper Consequence.  He’s not the most well known rapper in the world but if you watch VH1 then chances are you know who he is thanks to him being a cast member on the reality show “Love & Hip Hop New York.”

This guy, in my opinion is the height of corny, calling women out of their name, proclaiming his devotion to his “religion” at every chance and then contradicting every principle that it stands for, marginalizing his clueless baby mama “Jen the Pen” and perpetuating slavery day thoughts about complexion in front of rolling cameras no less.

This guy just keeps getting worse with his antics!  During the taping of the reunion show for Love & Hip Hop, Cons runs up behind Joe Budden, who he is having a 72 degree beef with over Budden confronting him at a radio station event, and smacks him with an open hand from behind.

Joe Budden in an interview on The Angie Martinez show says that ex-girlfriend Tahiry “snuffed him” before he could run off.  Joe says that the VH1 cameras were rolling and this incident will be on the show.  During the interview with Martinez, Budden promised to see Consequence again and apparently made good on that promise by getting at him as promised.

Check the interview where Budden tells the whole story.

Watch this video, this is allegedly what started the controversy. Joe Budden confronts Consequence at a radio station event and talks to him like a son scolding his child.  Consequence is back peddling faster than Lance Armstrong.

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