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WTH! Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Hungry Kid Free Lunch

I am all about capitalism, hello I live in America- the land of Capitalism!!! With that said, at some point, capitalism and the bottom line can become the wrong to do, and in the instance of Dianne Brame, her decision to ignore the bottom line at a St. Louis elementary school cafeteria cost her a job.

Dianne Brame, worked as a cafeteria worker at Hudson Elementary, where she gave free hot lunches to a fourth-grader for two months after his eligibility ran out, KSDK reported. Brame said the child’s mother doesn’t speak English and might not have understood the paperwork involved for the compensated lunch program.

The child was supposed to be “reduced” to a cheese sandwich and carton of milk for lunch. But worried that he might be teased by other children for the difference in their meals, Brame continued to feed the child the normal menu.

A colleague eventually reported Brame to Chartwells, the food service provider at the school.  I would love to know what brand of fool that person was to “narc” on  a person that was trying to feed a hungry child.

Brame said she was fired soon after.

“Actually, it was looked upon as stealing because that food wasn’t mine to give to that child,” she told KSDK.

“I don’t necessarily look at it as wrong. I violated my contract with them. I knew the rules and regulations. But I don’t think it was wrong to feed that kid.”

The Webster Groves School District said in a statement it had no knowledge that Chartwells had decided to fire Brame, and instead told parents “our understanding is that Chartwells decided to move the individual from Hudson to another location and the employee refused the offer.”

By Friday, Chartwells had reversed course, reinstating Brame at Hudson.

“Chartwells is pleased to have resolved this misunderstanding together with the employee and she will be at work, as usual, this coming week,” the company said in a statement.

The company added that “no child in the Webster Groves School District would go hungry for lack of payment.”

Brame, who will be back at work on Monday, said she has no regrets feeding the young boy off the books.

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